This is Fashion Betyárs Club

We created the 3 Barn Swallows' Fashion Betyárs Club because we want to build a great Style Creator community with like-minded fashion enthusiasts. You know who passionate about style creation, a bit rebel, and loves jewelry.

Betyár meaning, back in the old-time, rogue, outlaw (someone like Robin Hood), today instead it means, daredevil, badass. A man or woman with style, who stays true to themselves, always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others.

Do you already know what the Fashion Betyárs Club is? REGISTER HERE

The Fashion Betyárs Club membership is free and requires to create a full member account with us.***


We have two membership plans: Fashion Betyars, it's a basic membership, and Fashion Betyars Plus, which is an exclusive paid membership. Basic membership discount, right after account creation: 10% Off All Collections, while fashion betyars plus members get 20% off everything and higher benefits. Fashion Betyars Plus membership available by invite only.

Fashion Betyars Club (basic membership) benefits,

Unique jewelry and fashion - beauty collections that unavailable to the public. Sweepstakes, contests, random free mystery bags.

You will be the first who gets new info, new offers. You have a chance to buy limited styles and member-only products. You can purchase from the latest jewelry, fashion - beauty collections before the public.

You'll get access and updates about new benefits and offers, like subscription Jewel Box, Style and Gift Boxes, with a significant 20% off.

Custom gift order, and other custom fashion products that are no available publicly.

How to apply for Fashion Betyars Club Membership:
1. Register a store account with us at
2. Fill out the questionnaire you will get to your registered email.
3. When your application is accepted, we will email you the link and instructions to our private Fashion Betyars Club community.

*** Fashion Betyárs Club (basic membership) is a free membership by 3 Barn Swallows, however, to qualify for it, you must fill out the registration form, full name, email address, home address, phone number then answer a short questionnaire that you'll get via email. We will personally read all membership application. Promise :) (We'll notify you when your application approved.)

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