Our Story

We love jewelry just like you, and it has been inspiring the history of humankind for centuries. With their deep colors, perfect shapes and pure, precious materials, jewels, and gemstones are part of human fashion.

"We not only sell jewelry here, but we give you a kind of STYLE Elixir. We sell the missing part of your perfect look, the final piece of a style-puzzle..." - Shanya

I know, you're always hunting for some new kind of jewel, something that nobody wears. Something that makes your look unique, and makes you feel good.

I know this because I do the same. I think that's why you are here, and that's why we brought for you the Porcelain jewelry collection. At this time no one owns a Hollohaza Porcelain jewelry, except Zita of course.

So you can be the first who wears one of them, you can be who leads the trends and not follows that.

So, how did we get started?

Well, I always liked jewelry, and they still were my fav little things. As Jennie Kwon said, "Jewelry has the power to be one little thing that can make you feel unique."

I think that's the point. Also, I think I'm not alone about it. Which has always fascinated me it's the silver, gemstone, pearl, and the artisan and artistic designer jewelry.

Moreover, I always wanted a boutique.

When we decided that to open a shop, we started searching for manufactories who makes sterling silver jewelry.

So, we have found the Silver Stars brand. They a domestic jewelry manufactory, and their products are exactly are, what I wanted.

They are the most beautiful sterling silver jewelry with precious gemstones and crystals and pearls. The pearl jewelry always represents something classy, something luxury. As I call them, they are the gems of the sea or Gem of the Queens.

Beside the sterling pieces, there is jewelry from Texas artisans, craftsmen pieces of ancient Roman glass jewelry from Israel and custom-made sterling jewelry from Africa.

However, the story hasn't ended here.

Our root is Hungarian, and our friends and customers always asked us, why we don't bring unique Hungarian jewelry to our collections.

I started searching again. Just now, in Hungary. One time one of my friends talked to me about a young talented Hungarian artisan, who makes unique soutache jewelry with gemstones. She is Dora Salamon, and now, she makes the soutache men's bracelets for 3 Barn Swallows.

Dora works with AAA-grade materials and ancient techniques, using her own hands and heart, to create masterpieces.

There is a story behind each piece of jewelry and the person who created it. The story of the artist envisions, which has embodied in the jewel.

That's why artisan jewelry is unique.

The other collection of Hungarian jewelry is designer porcelain jewelry of the Hollohaza Porcelain Manufactory. These beautiful masterpieces up to date for any similar European products. Hollohaza porcelains are demanding and easily fits for everyday usage, However absolutely luxurious.

The decorative possibilities are almost endless. A group of products was born, which can be the perfect complement to the stylish women either on weekdays or on holidays. Hollohaza Porcelain jewelry collection represents a transition between cheap fashion jewelry and the extra designer pieces.

So, here we go now.

I hope, among our collections, you will find that piece of jewelry that can make you feel happy.

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