24 pcs Sterling Silver Charm Bag

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We carefully selected 24 pieces of sterling silver charms. We have put them into a bag and they ready to ship.
When you purchase this Charm Bag, you will receive a sterling silver Double Hook Expandable Wire Bangle for free. (MSRP $48.00)

Please note, the charm selection may vary, depend on actual stock.

In the bag One - One piece of:

  1. Oxidized "You Are My Sunshine" Charm
  2. Oxidized "LOVE" Charm
  3. Oxidized Unicorn Charm
  4. Oxidized Snowman Charm
  5. Oxidized Santa Claus Charm
  6. Oxidized Winter Hat Charm
  7. Oxidized Igloo Charm
  8. Pink Safety Pin Charm
  9. Oxidized Compass Charm
  10. Lotus Flower Charm
  11. Oxidized #SELFIE Charm
  12. Oxidized Arrowhead Charm
  13. Equal Symbol Charm
  14. Oxidized Yin-Yang Charm
  15. Oxidized Butterfly Charm
  16. Shiny Snowflake Charm
  17. Oxidized Pair of Dice Charm
  18. Oxidized Disc Charm with Horse Profile
  19. Oxidized Sparrow Charm
  20. Oxidized Angel Wing Charm
  21. Daughter Charm
  22. Infinity Charm
  23. Small St. Christopher Charm
  24. Scrap Book Charm