Embroidered Cloth Face Mask Blue With Jaszsagi Folk Pattern – Csenge No.2 at 3 Barn Swallows, $16

Embroidered Cloth Face Mask Blue With Jaszsagi Folk Pattern – Csenge No.2

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3D design Szerveto mask is a reusable face mask, a filtering mask with two layers of high-quality fabric. In the middle pocket can be inserted a high-efficiency particle filter for protecting from inhaled microscopic particles including dust, pollen, shavings, mold, biologics, and contaminants in poor air quality.

The mask has an embroidered pattern, which is the traditional motifs of Hungarian folk art. It made out of linen on the outside and calico inside. It has been double stitched for to be able to place a filter cartridge into the mask, 3D design. Washable and can be ironed.

Recommended for women.

The mask is featuring Jaszsagi folk art motifs.

Made in Europe, Hungary, with love, by a small family-owned factory.

Please Note! These masks are not medical-grade surgical masks. These Embroidered Cloth Face Masks are similar to what the CDC recommends.

A portion of every purchase goes to One Tree Planted and other donations are being made to the leading, national hunger non-profit (one-one dollar).

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CDC on Cloth Face Mask Covering

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Beautifully embroidered face mask
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Beautiful Hungarian folk art
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